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Author and artist of Altsad, Dave started the original Altsad blog many years ago as a way to teach himself how to draw. He ran the blog for a year, before turning it into a webcomic, which lasted about a year and a half before he ended-up turning his life upside down by moving to San Francisco. Plagued by dreams of stories, Dave resurrected the web-comic in its current form in hopes of continuing the story of his beloved characters and sharing them with the world.

An all-around geek, Daves days are filled with exhausting dalliances in his many hobbies, from making art and stories to board games and rpg’s. Through the twisted world of geekery he manages to sprinkle in more normal activities like running, making beef jerky and other more unusual recipes, and infusing vodkas. Dave lives in San Francisco and is the Linux Systems Administrator at Goodreads.com.

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