Banners are Weird

Only exception is Bruce Banner, he’s awesome.

I’m curious about what people think of pages that display banners. I’m not talking about ad banners, but linking agreement banners. You know, where sites show off each others banners in mutual friendship and agreement. I’m not really too keen on them myself, but that’s because I think the pages with them normally look very tacky. I’m not saying it isn’t possible to have a list of banners to look awesome, but most of them seem to be a jumbled mess.

I got started thinking about banners mainly because I’ve had to make a few of them for listing Altsad on sites that display ranks and listings of webcomics and such. Mine are below, let me know what you think about them by commenting on this post.

Oh and by the bye, the TrueKevin may be making appearances on occasion, I have in my infinite wisdom granted him the ability to post with a special, if a bit skewed, image of Kevin. Maybe in the alternative universe the TrueKevin is a skewed version of Kevin, shorter and out of focus? One wonders if perhaps I was hitting the bottle the night I e-mailed him about it.

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