Be Gentle, it’s my First Time

My transition between page 40 and 41 was rough, too rough. I thought to jump into another scene, but sometimes I forget to be nice about it. Complaints have been registered, heard, and agreed about. To remedy this, I’m not going to do anything immediate, but when issue 1 is done, there is going to be some additional pages in the book versus what’s on the web. These pages will provide a better transition in parts of the story that need it. In addition the pages will provide additional bonus content for those of you who purchase the book.

Page 41 features the crew after they’ve moved into the place. Kevin is coming back from checking in on Darwin and Steve. Although he didn’t find them, he did find all the equipment already setup and ready to go. When he get’s back Kendra and Allison are arguing, Hot Dog an innocent victim of their wrath. Wanting to try to straighten things out Kevin approached them, but when he realized they were arguing about him, he quickly turned around and headed outside to smoke.

This week I’ve scheduled my appointment to tour the Savannah College of Art and Design and reserved my hotel rooms. I’m super excited about it, but nervous. It would be an enormous transition for me, and not just geographical but an internal change to who I am. For the first time I’d be going to school to train my artistic and storytelling skills instead of my technical skills. It’s a big change from how I lived my life for the past 12 years. Part of me fears it’s a useless endeavor and I’ll never succeed, while the other part is thrilled and excited just to try.


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