The Chance to Disagree About a Goatee

This week’s comic is dedicated to the driver of the white car whose music always played at such a high level that people miles away could hear the nuances in his eclectic taste of music. There were times while I was trapped in the passenger seat of his car, subjected to the forced inhalation of his habitual smoking, that I thought I would lose both my sense of smell and hearing. Read more

Cthlulu Stone

A rough idea I’m cooking up. Thought it’d make for a neat t-shirt, like a rock concert for Cthulhu.


No Comic

First time in the 62 weeks of life this webcomic has had, that I don’t have a webcomic for this Monday. Combination of distractions and allergies kept me from getting it done.  I could have posted a black & white version of it, but I’d prefer to take my time and post something that is of better quality.

See you all next Monday.


Played the new Castle Ravenloft Board Game over the weekend, unlike previous attempts at new games, I managed to get together a cadre of friends for two different nights of play, and we played through the first 4 scenarios of the game. Read more

Sunday Practice

I have a story that I’ve been slowly building in my head and on paper, that goes way beyond my current art skill to present as a comic. However that hasn’t stopped me from practicing to build up my skills to eventually create it. The style I’d like to use for it is fusion of east and west, the first sketch below is from a book about learning how to draw that style, and the second is one I did based upon a picture. Each was drawn quickly with a thick graphite lead.

This one I did main ly to practice a 20’s hair style.

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