Mystery Character

Haven’t quite gotten all the characters down yet for this issue. This is a rough draft of a new one coming in Page 6. Can you spell arch-nemesissseses? Good, cause neither can I.

Mr. McPeePants Pities the Fool

Doesn’t everyone dream of Optimus Prime’s loving touch? The caress of his subtle metal servos…? Well, maybe not. Darwin’s response to the cow was due to a long standing series of particle jokes been him and Kevin. Although he may have gone a step too far with the water bomb, I blame the movie “Speed” a few nights ago.

This issue was fun to draw, although I don’t think Darwin’s face came out as I had hoped. Kevin was certainly easy to draw. I do seem to be getting a little better with hands in general. This page was also the first one where I started experimenting with a gradient background. Since I’m always about 3 or 4 pages ahead of what’s posted, I went back later on and put it in Page 1. Speaking of Page 1, I’ve also fixed one spelling mistake a friend of mine pointed out. Can you guess what it was?

I hope you enjoy page 2, it has over 3 times as many panels.

Doubts and Posters

Working on Page 5 right now, way on schedule, maybe even a little ahead this time. It’s all getting easier to draw. Funny thing is, after I lay out the page I always have a moment of doubt. I doubt I’ll be able to draw what I plan on drawing, then I bear down and just do it. Sometimes it takes me a half hour before I can draw Darwin’s face in a certain angle, and other times I can do it in a few minutes.

I just keep thinking about how great the feeling is after I complete a page, and it keeps me going through my doubt.

I’m also working on a launch poster, if anyone is interested in one, details will probably follow in a week or two.

Hello, and Welcome to Altsad!

Altsad is about the adventures of two friends, Kevin and Darwin, as they explore the strange and odd world of the town they live in. Finding it rife with both ancient evils, hairy gorilla women, and haunted houses; they somehow manage to survive by using skills accumulated over a life time of building gadgets, playing role playing games, and eating pizza. In Altsad it’s normal for Kevin and Darwin to gauge houses built on how well they would survive a zombie invasion, and to never be caught off guard no matter how silly those flesh eating flying fish appear to be.

As both the writer and artist for Altsad, this is my first exciting venture into the world of webcomics, blogging for the masses, making highly public grammar and spelling mistakes, and drinking excessively after I read the reviews. Hopefully you will come to enjoy the comic with as much amusement as I have in creating it. Although my art skills are relatively new, they will improve over time and along with my other plans for the site, provide an increasingly better experience to my readers. Each Monday a new comic will be posted, and through out the week alternative blog posts will pop up as characters have a chance to comment on the comic.

Thank you for being here for the birth of Altsad,


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