Churning Butter

This isn’t about butter, I’m sorry. I wish I could say it was about bacon, but that’s not true either. However the taste of this post, may leave you with a healthy after glow.

More about Kalisoma Springs unfolds in this week’s comic. We now see how it came to be built, nestled over the canyon that the Feasting Worm lives in. The worm’s psychic energies fueling all sorts of madcap entities and paranormal happenings. The story isn’t done yet though, there is still a bit about what Dr. Inviticus and his crew found as they explored the house. You’ll have to tune in Monday to find that tidbit out.

Last Friday I posted the first of many The Malarkey Brother’s comics. It was a full spread, where normally I’m hoping to keep them in a 3 panel format. I hope you enjoyed it, I have plans for many more of them. As a beginner artist I’m hoping it gives me the opportunity to explore making comics in black and white.

You may have noticed the lack of verbal posts lately, life’s been very busy. Friends, life tasks, and calamities, are all I can use as excuses for my tardiness, I won’t bore you with further details on those issues, but I do want to share that I’ve been researching attending Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, Georgia. They offer a Master’s of Fine Arts with a specialization in Sequential Art. Going to be traveling down there in a few months to check out the University as well as to attend their first comic convention. The tuition is quite expensive, so I may end up waiting and applying for a job with them and then transferring down, that way I can take a class a quarter for free and skip taking more school loans. It’s the same thing I did to get my MS in Computer Science, and it works well, although it takes longer to get through school. I much prefer to lose that time over accumulating debt, especially in some place warm year round. I’ll keep everyone updated as things develop.

Until next week’s postings,


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