Confused Shuffle

For those of you confused about page 41, I suggest reading page 25. There is meaning behind Darwin’s madness, and not just his love of duct tape. Page 22 may also be some good reading, at least to review a certain shuffle. If Kevin was behind the sneaking around in the leaves before, then what was under the leaves this time that bumped into Darwin’s ladder?

Not sure if anyone’s heard about this yet or not, but Ada Lovelace is coming to the big screen. Ever since learning about her last March 24th during Ada Lovelace Day, I’ve been a big fan. She is known as the world’s first computer programmer, having written an algorithm in 1842. Zooey Deschanel is rumored to be in talks over playing Ada, which may be a good fit for the role. Deschanel’s got that intelligent yet incredibly awkward type of vibe about her, which a stereotypical geek would have, although how that type of take on Ada fits in with the period she lived in has yet to be seen.

Personally, my take on Ada, would be as a character in a Steampunk comic, quick sketch below.

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