Darwin’s Game in Review – DMG2 (Part 2 of 3)

Nothing hits harder to home to me than Nerds, we make fantastic bad guys. Who else can give you movie quotes and sci-fi trivia in the middle of a raging battle? Using the Dungeon Masters Guide 2, I create a Monster Template for including Nerd Monsters in your own DnD game.


From the Halls of Mordor’s Server Room, and the basement of your parent’s house, comes the most powerful creatures ever…

Attacks Powers


Nerdfire (standard; encounter)
The Nerd makes a melee basic attack. The attack gains the fire and nerd keywords, and if the attack hits, the target takes ongoing 5 fire damage and suffers -2 Will as the Nerd’s rage eats away at the target (save ends both).“No I will NOT fix your computer!”

Geek Authority

Geek Authority aura 2; Any other Nerds in the aura deal 1d6 extra damage to a creature granting combat advantage. “I know what I’m talking about, I’ve read the manual.”

Madding Flurry of Smacks

Maddening Flurry of Smacks (standard; encounter)
Automatically hit every creature around you 5 times, but only do 1 point of damage total to each one. Each target also suffers -2 to Will as his friends make fun of him for getting hit by a nerd (save ends).“MEEEEHHH!!!”

Utility Powers

Read All The Books

Read All The Books (immediate interrupt ; recharge 5 6)
The Nerd knows all the Player Character’s powers. As an immediate interrupt the Nerd shifts 4 squares if doing so will take him out of the power’s range.“It’s almost like he knows what you’re going to do before you do.

Call of Dorks

Call of Dorks (standard; encounter)
The Nerd summons 10 dorkling minions to fight for him.“With a mighty bellow of movie quotes, sci-fi references, and geek terms, the Nerd summons a horde of dorkling minions.


Geekgasm (minor; encounter)
Their must be four other Nerds, Dorklings, or Geeks within 10 squares of the Nerd who uses this power. Overcome by the amount of Nerdiness in the area, the Nerd Monster regains half it’s hit points, but suffers -4 to attack for the rest of the encounter.“Some one needs a tissue and a nap.”

Monster Nerds

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