D&D and Wizards Second Rule

For those of you who haven’t seen Legend of The Seeker or read any of the Sword of Truth novels, they feature a list of tenants that all good wizards must seek to understand and abide by called simply Wizard’s Rules. They are a fascinating list, and the Wizard’s Second Rule has always struck a chord with me.

“The greatest harm can result from the best intentions.”

Most of the time in Dungeons and Dragon games, the heroes can never do wrong. Anything and everything they achieve is for the betterment of everyone. I think this line of reasoning is more in touch with the 80’s where the movies featured action heroes who were unstoppable and contained not one iota of selfish intentions. It has been a challenge of mine to bring my game beyond those tendencies to let heroes be good and just, and instead have them live in a real world, even it that world contains creatures of fantasy.

In my current game that I’m running, the Epic level group is trying to strive off the World Born Dead. They know it’s only a matter of time before it fully arrives and their entire planet is doomed. They are currently seeking a way to rebuild a weapon Hallister built to fight the World Born Dead, and are traveling deep in the caverns of the earth looking for the ritual book to power the device.

What they are going to find is the horrible true of the Second Rule. They are going to find the results of this undead war, which in some ways they triggered by destroying the first version of Hallister’s device. They are going to be faced with moral decisions about choosing between the life of a few over the lives of the many. Worst of all they may find themselves allied with evil creatures that before they would have attacked and killed with out a thought to it. Their intentions may be good, but if they defeat the World Born Dead, they may have to leave behind them a legacy that will do more damage than they ever realize.

I don’t want to spoil anything for the players, but I will keep the blog updated as the story unfolds, and their decisions come to light.

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