Dragon Age

It’s never been so hard to concentrate in the early mornings or at night to write for NaNo or to draw for Altsad, until I bought Dragon Age. The game is a load of fun, but I’m always much addicted to RPG’s. Right now I’m sacrificing sleep to play it, so hopefully it won’t cut in to my time for drawing. It reminds me of how much I would love to draw out a Fantasy comic line. One of incredibly high-magic and artifice and many an undead creature, my favorite bits from fantasy.

As for Page 19, I still can’t believe that Kevin could lift Darwin. Darwin’s logic is sound btw, big guys get screwed in this type of arrangement. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in his shoes and looking up at the skinny dude on top of the wall or cliff or whatever, and been wondering how the hell does he expect to help me up? So despite Darwin’s nervousness they continue to venture onwards, and they are doin it for the ladies.

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