Grip Richards

The Mystery character has finally been revealed and it’s Grip Richards, the bane of our hero Darwin. Here we see what normally happens when the two run in each, they just can’t seem to get along. While both are geeks, Darwin and Grip couldn’t be farther from each other. Darwin is exactly who he appears to be and doesn’t take work seriously, while Grip has many layers of sliminess and, although frequently messes up, takes work very very seriously. Grip wants Darwin out, and Darwin wants… well to slay zombies.

Contrary to the popular belief of my friends, most characters are not based upon them. To my knowledge nobody I know has ever shot a solo-porn of themselves, although in some people’s cases I probably wouldn’t be surprised.

Speaking of porn, Google ‘underwear action’. Thanks to my last blog post Altsad now pops up on the first page.

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