Happy First Birthday, Altsad!

One year ago from last Monday the first Altsad page was posted. Part of me wondered at the time if I’d ever make it this far. It’s been a lot of hard work and there’s even been a few late Sundays spent scrambling to get a comic ready for Monday morning, but it’s all been well worth it.

Everything started about five years ago when I picked up the drawing pencil and set a goal of drawing a new sketch every week. My first drawings were practices sketches of a fusion style comic book art that blended both east and west styles. I even started a blog, (, to post my work so my friends and random Internet peeps could keep tabs on me and make sure I was still working hard at it. Unfortunately I wasn’t very good at it and I realized I needed something easier to build upon. Doing some research into various art styles and potential projects, I eventually settled on creating a cartoon styled webcomic.

A friend of mine designed the Altsad website, and I spent the next three months cutting and coding it up in WordPress. Although anxious to post my first comic, it took me six weeks to create the initial batch of four and I could barely contain my excitement and nervousness as I posted the first one.

Now it’s a year later, and my art has improved, the story is moving along and there is a bunch of new and exciting things coming down the pipeline. Issue 2 is in the works, a new website is being designed by another friend of mine, and soon I’m going to start advertising the site. Everything is set to make year two of Altsad and even better year than the first.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the webcomic as much as I have had in creating it, and thank you for helping make the first year of Altsad an awesome experience.


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  • Posted by therealkevin

    You might have had your doubts Darwin but we didn’t. We knew you would pull it off. Happy 1st bday and this pine scented toast is for you bud.

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