Intense Underwear Action

First page that nobody in the world has seen. Meaning that if you were one of the lucky ones to attend my last birthday party then you’d have seen the, very hastily and somewhat lacking in black ink, print offs of my first three pages. I was so giddy, with actually working on my much planned comic, that I had to show someone, and waiting the 4 weeks while I built up a buffer of comics was just too long. I received many compliments and such, but what else was I to expect from a cadre of close and faithful friends, who I had wisely plied with free liqueur and beer.

In this page poor Darwin’s intimates are plainly revealed to all, and for those who have accused me of sharing a love of boxers with super hero’s on them I plead the 5th amendment, for whom shall cast the first stone obviously has never slept with a super-hero clutched snuggly against their privates.

The guest animal, the bird, was my tribute to John Woo, whose movies I have always loved and whose birds have driven me to drink… more often. I say to him, Woo, there are birds too many, when will the cats have a chance to shine?

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