Mountains of Madness

There are people who dream, and then there are people who dream of stories.

One of the strangest dreams I’ve had this week was inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. I’m a big fan of the author’s work and of the Arkham Horror games. Nothing holds my attention quite so well as a story that successfully mixes horror and madness, it’s those little shifts in reality, the ones that can’t exist but do, that can be the scariest of all.

Below I try to re-capture what occurred in the dream, normally I’m successful at remembering a bit of every dream I have.


Caught, I was held upside down by a trip snare. My two cats, Yoshi and Lilly mewed at my feet. Somehow the tabby’s had failed to warn me about the trap, some friends they were. I struggled to get free, but was unable to do so, no way I could stretch up high enough to get to the knot around my leg. Urgency filled me, feelings of being chased by something, I had to get out.

Luckily a stranger passed by, although no name was given, he fit what I imagined Lovecraft to look like. Helping me down, he scolded me, as if we were long lost friends and he had the right to.

“This is a dangerous place.” He said. “You know better than to be out here by myself.”

I shrugged, telling him I’d been at the temple of Bast, getting a blessing on my feline friends. Although a very uncommon thing to do, I’d wanted to make sure they they’d be protected if they ever were lost or hurt.

“You know better than to put your faith in the Gods.” He said.

I explained to him how Bast was born from the Old Gods, but not one of them, she wanted to protect the world against the Old Gods, not deliver it to them.

He didn’t seem to buy my excuse, and I stood under his penetrating gaze for some time before he turned and lead the way through the forest.

While traveling through the woods, I kept my cats in a carrier slung over my shoulder. I couldn’t help but worry they’d run away and I’d never be able to find them again. It was a foolish concern but one that filled me with anxiety.

Although Lovecraft warned me about the line, the not-so-subtle string that ran through the entire forest and up to the tip of the distant ‘Mountains of Madness’, I still tripped over it. I considered it no fault of my own, I’d been on the look out for the string, but it was as if my foot gravitated towards it. A warning bell, deep and thunderous peeled out over the world.

It wasn’t until I noticed the look of horror upon Lovecraft’s face that I’d realized what I had done.

“You’ve warned them.” He told me. “You’ve warned them we’re here.”


My cats in the real world work me up before the dream could proceed any further.

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