Mr. McPeePants Pities the Fool

Doesn’t everyone dream of Optimus Prime’s loving touch? The caress of his subtle metal servos…? Well, maybe not. Darwin’s response to the cow was due to a long standing series of particle jokes been him and Kevin. Although he may have gone a step too far with the water bomb, I blame the movie “Speed” a few nights ago.

This issue was fun to draw, although I don’t think Darwin’s face came out as I had hoped. Kevin was certainly easy to draw. I do seem to be getting a little better with hands in general. This page was also the first one where I started experimenting with a gradient background. Since I’m always about 3 or 4 pages ahead of what’s posted, I went back later on and put it in Page 1. Speaking of Page 1, I’ve also fixed one spelling mistake a friend of mine pointed out. Can you guess what it was?

I hope you enjoy page 2, it has over 3 times as many panels.

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