My Name is Steve

Steve joined on with the Brother’s Malarkey when they needed them most, as the swarms of horrible Slimblines an even smellier cousin to Crablins, were threatening to overwhelm the party. The Slimblin’s acidic sweat had already eaten through the parties weapons and only Oscar’s fists and Vincent’s magic held them back. Although the Brother’s would never admit it, Steve’s archery skills saved them all that day.

As the brothers got to know him, and got over their own hatred of humans, they found him to be a recluse more at home in silence than with conversations. They only thing that seemed to break Steve’s shell was his love of non-human woman. After Dromar caught Steve in bed with a distant Dwarven cousin, the infamous rogue Elhondra Thunderthighs, the party came close to fracturing but Oscar managed to broker a deal that would see Steve stay on as long as he began the five-year process to marry Elhondra.

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