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Dr. Inviticus’s is such a party animal! Knowing what he did, he STILL went to Kalisoma Springs. Remember the first entry in the Doctor’s journal, the one Darwin read through on page 28? It spelled doom for the Doctor, heralded by the arrival of the Feasting Worm. What ever occurred while he and his friends were at Kalisoma, it kept him from updating his journal any farther, his ultimate fate a mystery.

Script Frenzy starts April 1st. It’s a writing challenge to complete 100 pages of script in 31 days. I’m Foobar_Zen on the site if anyone wants to add me as a writing buddy. Script Frenzy is the time of year I work on developing the Altsad scripts. It’s as much fun as a person can have without getting a Tetanus shot.

For those of you who read my blog posts, I have a special bonus for you, the world premier of the title for issue 2 of Altsad; “The House on the Fault Line” . The release of this issue will be different than from Issue 1, I plan on having a primary cover as well as several alternative covers, each one should be poster worthy. There may also be other bonuses as time allows. As the script is finalized and Issue 1 gets closer to the end, I’ll post a small blurb about it’s plot, followed by as many teasers as I can.

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