Puppies of Evil

There faces may be all cute and cuddly, but who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of puppies? Licking seems all nice and cute, until you realize they are just taste testing you, waiting until you’ve fully matured in flavor before unleashing their primal might.

Now that you are aware of the potential dangers, perhaps page 44 of Altsad may not seem so funny. If Darwin *is* afraid of puppies, he has good reason to be, although, really, he has much worse things to be afraid of. His theoretical Slug Shark is just one such menace, lurking in the dim pile of leaves and sewer drains, it only appears at random to snatch helpless victims up in it’s jaws and drag them away to dark places where it can feast upon them. Is that what bumped into his leaves then? Maybe, or maybe it was a puppy, either way Darwin doesn’t really want to find out. What really vexes him is how his friends can be so calm about the evil hiding around them, while he is the only one smart enough to stay up and away from it.

If only more people listened to Darwin…


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