Red Shirt Horror Mojo

Horror movie 101, if you can keep your mouth shut and know where all your exits are you will probably survive, unless your wearing the red shirt. Luckily for Darwin his favorite color is green and the woman who he thinks might try to kill him is old enough to be his grandma.

There are a few changes in the characters on this page. Both Betty and Sai are sporting some slight new appearances. Betty, the cow, looks completely different. Her psychical shape changes based upon her wims…. which is a perfectly good excuse and not because I’ve only been drawing comics for two months… that would be absurd. Sai on the other hand is sporting a brand new pair of lips, that actually look like lips. They help bring out her natural character, and they are a lot more fun to draw.

I’m at Comic Con in San Diego this week, and am lookin forward to meeting a bunch of my favorite web comic writers and artists. I’m crazily jealous of them, and hope to one day joining them at having a table there. It would be a dream come true.

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