Shades of Pink Kryptonite

Pink, it scares me, it really does. When pink became the new black, it also became my new Kryptonite. Now it doesn’t scare me when worn by people… well most people, it just scares me when used for decoration or for the purpose of decorating my body. At that point, I share Darwin’s response and freak out until the danger has passed, I’m at my weakest when exposed to shades of pink.

Fan count is going up each week, slowly but surely. A record breaking amount of people saw page 12 when it launched on Monday. It brings a smile to my face thinking that people are enjoying my comic. Some of the new readers are coming in from Webcomic List and Top Web Comics, two web comic lists where I’ve recently registered Altsad. Random visitors via search engines are still rare, but they are finding the website and through some very unusual search words. I have listed the most interesting ones below along with my interpretation of them.

Search Words Interpretation
action porn red shirt Some poor Trekkie was looking for porn and found my site.
barbarian background Obviously Altsad is synonymous with testosterone and things like swords, beer, and loin cloths.
countdown calendar to being a grandma Yeah… I don’t have anything for this one…
horror mojo Nobody knows the horror like Darwin, and nobody has produced it more in him than Kendra.
kendra caresses “I’m not sure what Kendra would be caressing outside of Kevin or a battery operated device.” – Darwin
ntense underwear Nope, that’s not a misspelling, at least not on my part. I’m glad to be part of the proud web sites who offers ntense underwear, it’s like a dream come true.

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