The Chance to Disagree About a Goatee

This week’s comic is dedicated to the driver of the white car whose music always played at such a high level that people miles away could hear the nuances in his eclectic taste of music. There were times while I was trapped in the passenger seat of his car, subjected to the forced inhalation of his habitual smoking, that I thought I would lose both my sense of smell and hearing. Although he was charitable with the smoking and tried to roll down the window when he lit up his habit. There are times I wonder how I survived those days, and there are times it would be nice to go back to them. Oddly enough this Mr. P, the owner of the car, grew a goatee just so he could look like my Altsad character Kevin. He may have had the goatee before Kevin was put to paper, but in my head Kevin existed long before I met him, and therefor he, my friend, came from Kevin and not the other way around. I’m sure he would agree with me, especially since I will not give him a chance on this blog to disagree. 🙂

Back to the comic, I wonder how many of you out there have had the same thing happen to you, right when you talk about the impossibility of something, it happens. I imagine, and hope for your sake, it was not as embarrassing as it was for Darwin. He is mostly used to it, even going so far as to state completely impossible things in the hopes that they will come true, however as of yet Optimus Prime has not sprung into existence, he hasn’t become betrothed to The Baroness, and He-man’s sword hasn’t turned up at his house.

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