The Smell of Friends and the Comics of Strange People

Darwin’s plan are often large and ornate, but drawn in the most simple of manners. One may say that while he uses genius for the planning, he results to Crayola for the drawing. During the execution of his last plan Kendra had spotted him hiding in the bushes, I mean how could she not? He wasn’t being very sneaky, with his tripod, video camera, blanket, and large banner that read “Good Bye Kendra, and Thanks for All the Fishy Smells.” When the men had come with the cage and started asking her questions about a rare 300 pound nude white smelly gorilla, she had instantly known who to blame. The black eye had been painful, but at least she hadn’t busted his video camera. He had been worried about that, it was works’ after all.

When drawing this I was afraid of people asking me, who in my life smelled bad. Those ubiquitous friends popping out of the woodwork with exclamations and questions and declarations and all such “tions” in relation to them potentially smelling. I wish to remind them, this is a comic, drawn poorly and written comically. Although as such, one deranged gent, who figures himself to be the Real Kevin has created an Alt Altsad featuring what he thinks should have occurred on Page 9. He also has written a blog post to go along with it.

———Being TheTrueKevin Rant errr Blog Post———

Hi, my name is the TheTrueKevin and I don’t know if you are aware, but Altsad is loosely based on the authors past history and experiences with real life friends. That is why I chose this particular handle today. You see, I am the person that Kevin is based on, and being that, I have a right to voice the mistreatment of my character. I also have a right to a percentage of the profits since I am my own intellectual property, but we will cross that bridge later. Darwin of course is based on the author, and the author has taken liberties with Darwin as well. Darwin is better looking, smarter and more interesting than the author, while Kevin is sillier, and in real life has a far better groomed goatee. This is why I am going to form the People for the Proper Treatment of Kevin Society. When the website goes up, you can pay $15 to join me in protecting the truth behind the fiction. We take Paypal.

Anyways, my mother reads ALTSAD and she cried for hours after she was done with issue 1, page 8 and the way it portrayed her lovely son Kevin (Me, in case you forgot.). Darwin is kind of like my mother’s adopted son, not in a “Mom has more love to give” sort of way, more in a “Mom needs people to help me move” type, but adopted son nonetheless. So she didn’t understand why Darwin would portray Kevin like that. After consoling her for hours, I decided to show how Darwin was flawed in his remembrance of days past and how things REALLY were. Now since I don’t have all those advanced super tools that Darwin the artist does, my version of the comic might not be as pretty as his, but more importantly it is how it really happened. I urge you to read my version of Altsad Issue 1 page 8 and realize you can’t stop the truth!

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