Transition to Action

With the history of Kalisoma revealed, the intrepid, yet dysfunctional, adventurers have returned to the dreaded Springs to risk their lives picking up where Invicitus and his group left off. We see in this page where Allison has tricked Kendra into carrying her things. It wasn’t hard, not like Kendra needed much more than a slight nudge that somehow carrying the packages would make Kevin happy. The always charming Kevin is, in some ways, to blame since he is one of the reasons for the friction between Allison and Kendra. You’ll have to stay tuned in to see how things played, and what impact it may have on the group as a whole as they investigate a Springs where hundreds of people have been sacrificed to an ancient beast.

A good friend of mine loses his DnD virginity this Monday, it’s an exciting event and one that I’m looking forward to, especially since I can be a player for a bit instead of a storyteller. My friend and I talked some about the battlemat, and I mentioned one of my primary issues with using it is that water erasable markers seem to only come in 8 different colors. This is mainly due to their primary purpose which is for marking up transparencies. It depresses me when I have to use the same red for drawing the demon lord’s hot tub full of blood versus the red flames decorating his thrown. Researching it out a bit, we found a thing called “washable markers”, that would come off both clothes and children when washed. They seemed exactly like the type of thing we were looking for. Deciding to try them out, we marked up a corner of the battlemat and waited for them to dry. They worked well enough, in the capacity that they would easily erase from the battlemat. Unfortunately they erased too easily, not even requiring water. It was very depressing, my obsession for color was again crushed, so until I have a multi-touch table for DnD I guess I’ll just have to stay with using the same dreary 8 colors over and over again.

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