What 2010 Holds for Altsad

Changes are in the works.

  • New Header: A new header at the top of the comic is coming next week. I doubt anyone will really notice… but it will be different… I swear.
  • Altsad 2.0 Website: It’s coming some time this year. I hope to have a beta site up at some point, maybe around June. I have lots of ideas but I’m not sure which will make the final cut yet for the website. I’ll post more about it as it get’s closer to reality.
  • More Art and Comics: More Wednesday art posts and some mystery guest artists will be stopping by.
  • Quality and Shadows: This might not happen until the second book, but I plan on starting to shade and highlight the comic.
  • Advertising: The double edge sword of supporting a webcomic and trying not to annoy the readers. This will mainly be linked with Altsad 2.0 but will also include the RSS feeds.
  • 1st Book Completed: The first book will be done this year, and I hope to have it for sale around November/December. There will be multiple covers…

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